KnowBe4 is an integrated Security Awareness and Simulated Phishing Training platform with over 40,000 customers. The platform allows the user to manage urgent security issues such as spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

The platform offers option for self-service and pre- and post-training phishing security testing. With this, it reveals how many end users are vulnerable to Phish, offering remediation options in cases where the employee falls into a simulated phishing attack.


How does it work?

We know that old-fashioned awareness training just doesn’t work anymore. Today, your company’s employees are frequently exposed to phishing and ransomware attacks. Therefore, it is essential that your company is safe with a modern and integrated platform to manage.

Phishing simulation

Best-in-class phishing attack simulation, fully automated, containing thousands of models with unlimited use, plus phishing models from the community.

Check the results

Enterprise-grade reporting that shows statistics and graphs on training and phishing, ready for management. Manage your team and show the ROI achieved.

Comparative tests

Take a comparative test and evaluate the percentage of employees prone to phishing (Phish-prone percentageTM) through a free simulation of a phishing attack.

User Training

Access to the world’s largest library of “Security Awareness” training content, including many interactive modules. Specific training applied to your team’s users.

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