About us

A “People” Company

A-Players is made of people and values life purposes. It is an institution that seeks a world where technology is always a transforming experience. Since 2017, it has been offering technological solutions to make lives easier and make work routines less boring and more fun. Do you want to know about us?

Our brand in the world

A-Player is a term that was born in the American corporate universe that refers to people who have an insatiable desire to learn and are always looking for excellence in what they do. They are incredibly smart and inventive, they don’t make excuses and always find a way to come up with the best solution.

It takes us back to a period of life where we were uncommitted to linear thinking, where rules did not block our creativity. The idea of the Rubik’s Cube is to provoke and challenge reasoning in the search for a solution, using all the logical and creative potential of each one of us – in the meantime, we take the opportunity to have fun and improve our technique in solving problems with each new round.

Why A-Players?

We came to have fun, not to play. The world is made of people who believe in something, moved by an unshakable desire to move forward each new day.

What can you say about us? For us, the world works like a game. In it, there is always a new opportunity to learn more and evolve, to create human interactions and interrelationships. Promote unprecedented digital experiences. Discover talents and design new professions. Shaping culture and the status quo.

Quem é A-Players

Success is not linear

Jorge Abraham

Work and fun have always walked together since very early in my life. It was still in childhood, accompanying my father in his topography among machines, reams of paper and linotypes, that I had my first contact with the professional world. ​

We grow, thus our responsibilities grow too. Between making the decision to study at the Faculty of Informatics and founding A-Players, the path was intense, with many achievements, some failures and many lessons learned.

I started as an intern and, little by little, I found my vocation within the Technology career. I chose to work in the services area leading people, building high performance teams, witnessing the birth of operations, working on global projects and interacting with other cultures.

Jorge Abraham - A-Players

I was able to experience companies of different types, sizes and cultures. In all of them, I always had the opportunity to learn something that could enrich my corporate education. I consider myself privileged to have had the chance to work with brilliant people who have inspired me to be a better leader every day.

Today, I seek to apply and use all that experience in a new dream, in a company that was born with enough maturity to aspire to incredible and unprecedented things.

Companies that trust us

Operating in the technology market since its founding in 2017, A-Players is a company made of people. Over these years and with operations in Brazil and the United States, we had the opportunity to establish partnerships with several companies and institutions. To name just a few: