Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  1. Introduction

Welcome to the A-Players Eireli Service Provider platform.

At A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli, we take your privacy seriously and want to be transparent in explaining to you how we use your Personal Data and how you can manage it. This Privacy and Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use and Conditions (“Terms”).

The Processing of Personal Data is a condition for using the portal, resources or website (“platform”) of A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli, and it is not possible to offer the benefits of our services, promotions and access to paid and free content, without have access to your personal data.

We at A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli know that your Personal Data (“Data”) are valuable assets and must be kept securely. Therefore, in this Policy, we will describe how and why we use your Data.

  1. How and what Data do we collect?

2.1. Through your registration on the website of A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli

When you register on our site, we ask for your full name, email address, date of birth, cell phone number and full address. After confirmation of registration, you will receive content related to our business through the registered e-mail, and you can cancel this subscription at any time, accessing a specific link available in these messages.

2.2. Through navigating the platform

  • When you browse our platform, fill out forms, participate in online promotions and events and other interactions that you may have on our services.
  • It includes access by different devices such as: laptop, computer, cell phone or other access device.

The Data we collect in this case are: your approximate location (latitude and longitude), your IP address, information about your access device (type of operating system, device model), information about your Internet connection; your browser type and the pages and content you access on our Services.

Note: Your IP address is a number that lets the computer connected to the Internet know where information should be sent – such as the web page you are visiting. A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli is not able to identify the user personally from the IP address.

2.3. Through cookies

Through the use of cookies, we identify your visiting habits, your preferences, ad delivery and audience analysis.

– What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent and stored on your computer. These small files are used to recognize, monitor and store your navigation as a user on the Internet.

– How does our platform use cookies and other tracking technologies?

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to identify you and your interests, remember your preferences and track your use of our platform. We also use cookies and other tracking technologies to control access to certain content on our platform, protect it and process any requests you make to us.

For platform administration and for research and analysis purposes, A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli has third-party service provider partners to track and analyze usage statistics and help improve the user experience of our platform.

– What are the categories and purpose of cookies?

  • Strictly necessary/technical: Necessary for the functioning of the platform, without them it is impossible to execute some functionalities of the platform. They enable you to browse and use the services and features (for example, security cookies to authenticate users, prevent the fraudulent use of login credentials and protect User Data from unauthorized third parties). Therefore, it is not possible to refuse these cookies if you want to browse and consume our contents.
  • Analytics/Performance: They collect information anonymously, in other words, the results we receive from this analysis are provided in aggregate form and do not allow the direct or indirect identification of the User. These cookies make it possible to determine information such as the number of visitors to a page, how visitors arrived at the site and the pages accessed. For example, these cookies track which pages are most frequently visited and the location of our visitors. These cookies include, for example, Google Analytics cookies.
  • Functionality: Cookies in this category allow A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli to operate the platform with the choices you make. They allow us to “remember” your previous visits to the platform. For example, we will recognize your username and remember how you have personalized your content within the platform, enabling us to offer you, whenever you return to the platform, the same customizations you made before.
  • Advertising and targeting: These cookies collect information about your activities on the platform and on other websites to provide you with targeted advertising. We may also allow our third-party service providers to use cookies on the platform for the same purposes identified above. The third-party service providers that generate these cookies, such as: Google, Facebook, amongst others, have their own privacy policies and may use your cookies to target advertising to you on other websites, based on your visit to our platform.

– Use of third-party cookies:

Service providers, with our permission, may use their own cookies on the Services. Such cookies will collect your Data on our properties for the purposes set out in this policy.

“Third-party cookies” are cookies that third parties place on your device through our platform in order to help us measure and improve the effectiveness of our communications. For more information about how these companies collect and use information on our behalf, check the respective privacy policies at: Google e Facebook.

– What cookies do we use?


Name: Active Campaign
Supplier: Active Campaign
Purpose: Mail Marketing
Expiration date: 60 days for users who have no interaction
Type: Marketing

Name: Google Analytics
Supplier: Google
Purpose: Statistics
Expiration date: We do not have individual data
Type: Statistics

Name: Facebook Ads
Supplier: Facebook
Purpose: Announcements
Expiration date: We do not have individual data
Type: Marketing

Name: Google Optimize
Supplier: Google
Purpose: Statistics
Expiration date: We do not have individual data
Type: Statistics

Name: Google Ads
Supplier: Google
Purpose: Announcements
Expiration date: We do not have individual data
Type: Marketing

Name: Google Tag Manager
Supplier: Google
Purpose: Statistics
Expiration date: We do not have individual data
Type: Statistics

Name: RD Station
Supplier: RD Station
Purpose: Mail Marketing
Expiration date: 60 days for users who have no interaction
Type: Marketing

 How do I change or block cookies?

You can change these settings at any time to block or alert you when a cookie is being sent to your device.
There are several ways to manage cookies, you can block cookies from a specific website, block third-party cookies in relation to a website, or even block all cookies. But be aware, blocking all cookies will affect the functioning of your experience, as it will not be possible to identify your preferences on the platform or recommend relevant content and advertising.

To learn more about cookie settings, consult your browser instructions, remembering that you must make this setting chosen on all devices used to access the Services (such as computers, smartphones, tablets).

Consult the respective settings in the main browsers at: Internet ExplorerEdgeChromeSafariFirefox and Opera.

  1. For what purposes do we use your Data?

3.1. Provide Personalized Services to You

We collect your Data so that we can deliver content, process payments and direct Services of interest to you. Your Data helps us create an experience tailored to your interests.

3.2. Communicate with you in a different way

We collect your Data to improve our Services, improve our technical and operational service by responding as soon as possible to your requests, when you contact us.

3.3. Increase security and protection of your rights

Some Data is kept stored to prevent illegal and suspicious activities.

3.4. Improve and develop new services

We use your Data in research and data analysis (analytical intelligence) to improve and offer new services.

3.5. Fulfill legal obligations

We keep your Data so that, if necessary, we can comply with legal and regulatory judicial or administrative obligations.

  1. How do we deal with data from children?

A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli does not collect data from children (people up to 12 years of age).

The minimum age to use our platform, participate in promotions and offers is 18 years old.

  1. With whom we share your Data

We share your Data with your consent or to complete transactions related to the provision of the service offered by the Platform. We may also share your Data with business partners, who are those who directly assist in the execution of our services; service providers; to comply with a court order, competent authority or supervisory body; compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation.

Business partners and service providers are: company providing marketing and advertising services directly linked to A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli; collection agencies; providers and integrators of means of payment; credit card companies; service providers for maintenance of our platform and data analysis.

The purposes of sharing are: Assistance in providing the services we deliver to you, for example: personalized delivery of online courses; intermediation of payments; cloud storage; debt collection; verification of your identity, personalization and improvement of services.

Our service providers and business partners process the Personal Data collected on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. All service providers are contractually obligated to secrecy, as well as to respect the applicable law and the terms of our Policy.

Whenever carried out, the sharing of Data will be carried out within the limits and purposes of our business and in accordance with what authorizes the applicable legislation. We never sell personal data.

  1. Marketing services

Marketing services are offered through free communications about offers, services and products addressed to you, related to your profile on the platform. This service covers emails, SMS, WhatsApp, digital ads, etc. It is worth mentioning that you can cancel the service at any time by accessing “My Account” or through the unsubscribe link in the email received.

  1. Hyperlinks to other internet sites

Our platform may contain access links to other internet sites (hyperlinks). We remind you that our Policy only applies to our platform for accessing our Services. We recommend that when you click on a link to another website, you read their privacy policy.

  1. How do we protect your information?

We use market technical standards to maintain the security and privacy of your Data.

We have comprehensive actions in technology and organizational processes. We take measures to preserve your Personal Data from unauthorized access, alteration, use and destruction, including: access management, physical asset management, encrypted communications and internal cybersecurity policies.

  1. You in Control – Your User Rights

At any time, you can decide on the update and treatment that we can give to your Data. You can, free of charge, revoke a previously given consent, correct, update or delete your Data.

For this, if you wish to perform any of the previous actions, or even if you just want to understand more, ask questions or confirm the existence of any treatment, please contact our privacy team via email

If you request the update, correction or even deletion of your Data, A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli will respond to the request within 15 days. After deletion, we at A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli will only be able to keep your Data (a) for the period necessary for the purposes of judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings, (b) to comply with a legal and/or regulatory obligation, (c) for the regular exercise of rights, such as, for example, to enforce rights based on the Subscription Agreement and/or Applicable Terms, or (d) in an anonymised format.

We store your data for the entire period that you browse our platform and use our services, or if you are a potential customer and want to follow our news. If you remain inactive on our platform for a period of 1 (one) year from the last visit you make to us, your data will be deleted from the Database.

  1. International Data Transfer

In order to offer our services, some of your Data may be transferred to other countries, this transfer will occur when we use cloud services for data processing or storage, located outside Brazil. Rest assured, in these situations we will also be meeting all the requirements established in the current law and in this Policy, in addition to adopting the best market practices in order to guarantee the protection and privacy of your Data.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our practices and this Policy at any time and without notice. Every time this Privacy Policy is changed, those changes will be valid, effective and binding after the new version is posted on our website.

  1. Questions and contact information

After reading this Privacy Policy, if you have questions, complaints, want to exercise your rights related to your personal data or communicate with A-Players Prestadora de Servico Eireli, you can contact us through the following service channel: by email to Support Team –

Update: October 22, 2022.